The overall ecosystem structure of Marina Protocol

All users focus on producing SURF points. These SURF points can be converted one-to-one into SURF tokens or used to mint surfing board NFTs within the app at each tokenization point. The reason for supporting SURF tokens is to ensure no constraints on user-to-user transfers and trades, and that a user's assets are accessible only by the user. Surfboards NFTs, minted with SURF points, can be wrapped into NFTs for trading on NFT exchanges or staked within the app to produce BAY points. Produced BAY points are converted into BAY tokens at each tokenization point based on the user's proportion of points relative to the total BAY points. These converted BAY tokens grant decision-making authority in onboarding projects to Marina Protocol, along with user rewards and operational decisions. Furthermore, as a critical asset within Marina Protocol, BAY tokens are planned to be listed on major exchanges.

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